Up  Maps of Bodensee to Königssee Cycle Tour, June 2013

The maps on this page are intended only to give a rough indication of the route taken. For more information, refer to:


One can find a leaflet on that page giving information about the route, including some maps. A copy of the leaflet can also be found here.
However, for the ultimate guide to the tour, including very detailed maps, the bikeline booklet, Bodensee-Königssee-Radweg, ISBN: 978-3-85000-128-1, cannot be bettered.

St Margreten to Immenstadt
Day 1

Immenstadt to Hopfen am See
Day 2

Hopfen am See to Kochel am See
Day 3

Kochel am See to Schliersee
Day 4

Schliersee to Bergen
Day 5

Bergen to Berchtesgaden
Day 6