13th - 25th August, 2015

En Route to Longyearbyen  
  First Campsite

Day Date
 A Selection of Maps
1 Thu 13 August Longyearbyen
2 Fri 14 August Longyearbyen
3 Sat 15 August Longyearbyen
Visit to Ruins of Gruve II (Coal Mine)
4 Sun 16 August Longyearbyen
Trekking Trial
Camping Trial
Rifle Practice
Global Seed Vault
5 Mon 17 August Boat Trip to Pyramiden
The Abandoned Russian Town of Pyramiden
Trek to a Remote Hut
6 Tue 18 August More Pictures of Pyramiden
7 Wed 19 August Pyramiden to Longyearbyen
by Boat via Nordenskjøldbreen
8 Thu 20 August Longyearbyen to Barentsburg via Esmarkbreen
First Day of Trekking
9 Fri 21 August Second Day of Trekking
Ascent of Vesuv
10 Sat 22 August Third Day of Trekking
around Colesbukta
11 Sun 23 August Fourth Day of Trekking
Hike along Disused Railway between
Colesbukta and Grumant Mine
12 Mon 24 August Fifth Day of Trekking
Visit to Colesbukta Ruins
Return via slopes of Russekollen
13 Tue 25 August Sixth and Last Day of Trekking
Hut at Colesbukta
Trek via Fuglfjellet to Longyearbyen
14 Wed 26 August Epic Hike across Longyearbreen and
across the Plateau
15 Thu 27 August Longyearbyen to Tromsø

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Tour of South Norway are here.

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