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Missinaibi River, Ontario
August 2016

On the Missinaibi
Unloading the Beaver in Bell's Bay

In the summer of 2016 we visited Canada. The visit was in two parts. In the first part we joined an organised group to paddle the lower 250 km of the Missinaibi River in Northern Ontario ending at Moosonee on James Bay. In the second part of the holiday we visited an old friend and his family at their cottage on Skeleton Lake some 200 km north of Toronto. These Web pages cover the first part of our holiday. The second part of the trip to Canada can be found here, but, be warned, it is of little general interest.

We flew from Zurich to Toronto via Montreal with airline Swiss on a Thursday. We spent the first weekend visiting Niagara Falls whilst de-jet-lagging. We then travelled north by bus to meet the rest of the group and start the canoe tour. The tour was called Journey to the Northern Sky and was organised by the Missinaibi Headwaters Outfitters company. We cannot praise their organisation highly enough. It was superb.

Reference and Acknowledgement:
The title for MHO's tour, Journey to the Northern Sky, would appear to have been taken from the title of the 1994 guide book of the same name by Hap Wilson describing the canoe route from Lake Superior to James Bay. The detailed sketch maps in this book are a must for anyone planning to canoe the Missinaibi. For copyright reasons I am not able to reproduce the maps here. Suffice it to show a scanned-in copy of the title page with ISBN reference and, as an example, one of the maps. This is actually the map showing the Bell's Bay region of the river, which is where we started paddling.