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Marocco Weaving Tour, February 2020       Link to Marocco Weaving Tour, 2020

Iceland, May/June 2019       Link to Iceland 2019

India Backpacking, Oct 2018       Link to India 2018

Sailing in the Baltic, August 2018       Link to Sailing in the Baltic

Canoe Tour Canada, Missinaibi River, August 2016       Link to Canada Canoe Tour 2016

Spitzbergen, August 2015       Link to Spitzbergen 2015

Peru Backpacking, Nov/Dec 2013       Link to Peru 2013

Cycle Tours

Salzkammergut-Enns on eBikes, 2020   June/July 2020        Salzkammergut-Enns, 2020
Salzkammergut-Enns, 2019   July 2019        Salzkammergut-Enns, 2019
Geneva - Rhône - Catalonia, 2018   June 2018        Geneva to Catalonia, 2018
Geneva to Riniken, 2017   June 2017        Jura, 2017
Danube, 2016 (Ulm to Passau)   May/June 2016        Danube, 2016
Scandinavia, 2014 (Helsinki to Fosslia)   August 2014        Scandinavia 2014
Münstertal to Gardasee (Adige/Etsch)   June 2014        Adige 2014
Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden (Bodensee zum Königssee)   June 2013        Allgaeu 2013
Riniken (CH) to Chester (UK)   June 2012        UK 2012
Unterengadin to Gardasee (Adige/Etsch)   October 2011        Adige 2011
New Zealand   November-December 2010        New Zealand 2010
Prague, Neisse, Oder, Usedom, Berlin   May 2010        Oder/Neisse 2010
Berlin to the Baltic Sea   September 2009        Ostsee 2009
Finland, North Cape, Lofoten Isles   June-July 2009        Nordkapp 2009
Riniken to North Cape   June-July 2008        Nordkapp 2008
Mull and the Outer Hebrides, Scotland   June 2005        Hebrides 2005
Geneva to Riniken, 2004   May 2004        Geneva Riniken 2004

Photo Album

Marocco Weaving Tour   February 2020         Marocco Weaving Tour, 2020
Spitzbergen   August 2015         Spitzbergen, August 2015
Norway   April 2015         Norway, April 2015
Norway   August 2013         Norway, August 2013
Kalymnos, Greece, SAC Climbing Week   October 2012         Kalymnos, Oct 2012
Jenbach, Tyrol, Austria   July 2011         Tyrol, July 2011
ESC Cycle Ride along the Glatt   July 2011         Glatt Cycle Ride, July 2011
Norway   April 2011         Norway, April 2011
Norway   March 2010         Norway, March 2010
Gross and Klein Mythen   19 November 2009         Mythen
Val Loana, Malesca, N. Italy   October 2009         Val Loana
Croyde Bay, Devon, UK   May/June 2009         Croyde
Mallorca   May 2009         Mallorca
Skitour Chaiserstuel   29th Jan 2009         Chaiserstuel
Snow Shoe Tour, Hochstuckli   28th Dec 2008         Hochstuckli
Shanghai   Oct/Nov 2008   13th - 18th Oct       Shanghai 10A
    19th - 21st Oct       Shanghai 10B
    22nd - 23rd Oct       Shanghai 10C
    25th - 31st Oct       Shanghai 10D
    1st - 8th Nov       Shanghai 11A
Skitour Hengst   8th Dec 2008         Hengst
Norway   August 2008         Norway 2008

Fosslia       Link to Fosslia

SAC Brugg (Donnstigklettern)       Donnstigklettern


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