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Mainly Photos of Roof Renovation

View over Aunegrenda
Day 1 Saturday, 3rd August, 2013 Flowers in front of the Hut Photos
Day 2 Sunday, 4th August, 2013 Hike up Blåstøten Photos
Day 3 Monday, 5th August, 2013 Delivery of Material for Roof Photos
Day 4 Tuesday, 6th August, 2013 Setting up Beams for Insulation Photos
Day 5 Wednesday, 7th August, 2013 Insulation and Wood Panelling on Rear of Cottage Photos
Day 6 Thursday, 8th August, 2013 More Insulation and Wood Panelling Photos
Encasing Chimney
Day 8 Saturday, 10th August, 2013 Start of Tar Paper Shingle on Rear of Cottage Photos
Day 9 Sunday, 11th August, 2013 More Shingle Photos Photos
Day 12 Wednesday, 14th August, 2013 Painting the Outside Toilet Photos
Day 13 Thursday, 15th August, 2013 Evening Views
End Facing of Roof
Day 14 Friday, 16th August, 2013 New Rag Rug Photos
Day 15 Saturday, 17th August, 2013 Roof Construction is finished Photos
Day 21 Friday, 23rd August, 2013 Painting West Gable Photos
Day 23 Sunday, 25th August, 2013 Painting Eaves above Kitchen Window
New Bridge
Painting is Finished
Day 24 Monday, 26th August, 2013 A Woodshed full of leftover Scraps Photos
Day 25 Tuesday, 27th August, 2013 Provisional Downspouts Photos